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The company was established in 1972 by its founder Rodney Morgan, a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, (F.IC.S.) to service the ocean export & import industries in general, and the north American industries in particular.

Because of his specialised background in shipbroking & chartering, both in north America & Europe, and having already 20 years of experience in the marine industry, it was a natural extension to continue in this specialised field.

Therefore, with the support of existing & new blue chip clientele, together with a qualified & very conscious service orientated staff, in 1972, he simply continued his 20 years of experience of servicing industries in getting their product to world wide markets.

In 1990 the company inaugurated a container division, principally to offer our industrial clients an alternative service to that of bulk.

This applied especially to the forestry industry, in which Chartwell specialises, because this industry easily adapted itself to switching from bulk to containers and vice versa, depending on the shipment size.

In summary, irrespective of Chartwell’s link, in the high-profile transportation industry chain, the keyword is service, which has been one of the reasons for its longevity in a very competitive industry.

Global Shipbrokers

As shipbrokers, Chartwell has the experience of shipping a variety of commodities, which include, minerals, metals, grain, lumber, pulp & paper, and preparing the appropriate relevant contract charter parties and/or booking notes.

To our industrial clients, exporters and importers, of large, medium or small size, Chartwell offer the following services:

  • Timecharters operational management.
  • Voyage charters
  • Linertime charters
  • Contract of affreightment, commonly referred to as a COA. Part or full cargoes.
  • Simple cargo booking notes covering single small or large size shipments.
  • International project cargoes.

Over the years, we’ve been involved in various sale & purchase transactions.

We have executed projects for the forestry & aluminum industries, transporting knocked down paper mills & pot shells used in the manufacture of aluminum. We also brokered the transportation from Quebec to the UK all the passenger cars for the London to Paris Chunnel.

We have long standing associations with first class shipowners, as well as a network of correspondents, that supply us and keep us informed of ships positions.

Freight Forwarding

With the steady growth of our container division and a skilled & dedicated staff, Chartwell can offer customers a full logistical service, which includes:

  • Negotiating rates for customers on the global market so they stay competitive.
  • Securing space for bookings, different volumes , types & sizes, with all our partnered carriers, either terminal to terminal or door to door basis.
  • Trucking and cross docking of containers.
  • Marine insurance.
  • Providing shippers with all the documentation requirements, and any extra support needed.
  • Closely monitoring containers movements to ensure timely pickup and delivery.

With a worldwide network of agents, Chartwell co-ordinates shipments of containers from/to North America to/from China, South-East Asia, South America, Europe and other parts of the world.

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